OnCharge is a cloud-based service for OCPP- compatible charging stations

Our OnCharge software product is a service for managing the infrastructure of charging stations for their owners and applications for the smartphone to final consumer. We offer "White Label", which will allow the owner of charging stations to build a native network within the framework of national and international roaming.

Mobile application for the driver

With OnCharge, your customers receive the ability to use mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones. The driver uses an application to initiate the process of charging, booking, and payment for electricity consumed or service. In case charging is free, all listed services are also free. In the process of charging, the owner of the charging station may inform the driver of the actions and special offers on their network. As an alternative, instead of a smartphone, there is an opportunity to release RFID cards for access to your stations. Flexible settings allow you to have prepaid access cards, club cards, or cards with a certain expiration date. One subscriber can receive a card for himself and for a person who periodically uses his electric car.

Compatible manufacturers of charging stations

When creating a cloud service, the OnCharge team worked closely with the manufacturers of charging stations and tested the charging stations. Manufacturers whose charging stations were proved to work with the OnCharge service:

  • ABB
  • e8energy
  • Efacec
  • ABL Sursum
  • EBE
  • Ensto Chago
  • ICU / Alfen
  • Schneider Electric
  • Etrel
  • KEBA
  • Mennekes
  • Circontrol
  • Ecotap
  • EV-Box
  • SETEC Power
  • Technagon
  • Elinta Charge

The list is constantly increasing.
Choose certified equipment for the safety of the drivers and European quality standards.

Individual solutions for eco-taxi services

The development of taxi services goes to a new level. End-users expect lower cost, improved comfort, and relevant additional services. Using the OnCharge service, the taxi management has the ability to receive real-time reports of consumed electric energy, which will allow them to plan and reserve the port in advance, without creating queues for taxi drivers. The OnCharge service will allow the use of chargers from different manufacturers without worrying about consolidating information and facilitating the overall management process. Use your charging stations for all 100%!

Individual solutions for residential complexes and eco-town

With the OnCharge service, the developer will be able to offer a nice additional service for residents of-of residential complexes. By installing a charging station on the site, residents will be able to recharge their electric car, and thanks to the OnCharge service, the electricity can be automatically included in utility bills. In addition, a resident will be able to use one access card both to the entrance door and to the charging station.

Special offers for supermarket chains, fitness clubs, gas stations

Turn electromobility into business. With OnCharge, your charging stations will work as clocks. The automated charging system optimizes the operation and maintenance of your charging network. This will reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction as well as increase their stay in your centers. Connecting your OCPP-compliant charging stations to the OnCharge system gives you complete remote control over your equipment. The system allows you to manage the required volumes of data in real time, using various sources of information, such as billing system, charging stations, applications, and dashboard panel.
You cannot refuse our offer.


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